"A Queen's Gamble" is set in the times of Queen Zenobia of Palmyra, the only woman in history who successfully thumbed her nose at the Roman Empire, conquering vast stretches of Roman-held territory before she was brought to bay by the hard-hitting Emperor Aurelian.  This story takes place between 267 and 272 A.D., all before Zenobia's thirty-third birthday.

  Philip, spy-master of Palmyra, is a fictional character, but many of the others who appear in this book are not, and their stories are contained in the Blog, along with many of the cited locations.

  The Bio of the author, Melissa C. Kirby, is available above, as well as links to purchase "A Queen's Gamble," and her first book, "Cost of a Crown."  

  Feel free to contact her at aqueensgamble@gmail.com.